Countertop Display Freezer for hospitality, commercial kitchen and catering

Countertop Display Freezer
Countertop Freezer Showcase has been successfully known for luring many customers towards the establishment. This freezer showcases have separate boxes to keep the food items organized and fresh for a longer period. It has a clear hood that shields the stored ingredients from falling dust and debris without blocking them from view, and it’s made of durable stainless steel.
  • Bromic CTF0100G4S Countertop Freezer 100L 4 Sides Glass
    RRP: $6,050.00 inc GST $4,561.70 $4,147.00
  • Anvil Aire DSI0550 Countertop Freezer Showcase 1500mm
    RRP: $5,060.00 inc GST $4,250.40 $3,864.00
  • Anvil Aire DSI0530 Countertop Freezer Showcase 900mm
    RRP: $3,960.00 inc GST $3,410.00 $3,100.00

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