Meat Slicer for hospitality, commercial kitchen and catering

Meat Slicer

Efficiently slice meats, cheeses, and vegetables with our professional meat slicers, the essential tool for delis, sandwich shops, and restaurants looking to streamline their slicing process and achieve uniform slices with ease. Whether you're slicing cold cuts, preparing charcuterie platters, or crafting gourmet sandwiches, our slicers offer the precision, control, and reliability you need to achieve consistent results with every cut.

Crafted from durable materials such as stainless steel and aluminium, our meat slicers are built to withstand the demands of commercial use while providing reliable performance day after day. Featuring sharp blades, adjustable slicing thickness, and safety features such as blade guards and emergency stops, our slicers ensure safe and efficient operation for your kitchen staff.

With compact designs and easy-to-clean surfaces, our meat slicers are designed for maximum efficiency and convenience, allowing you to slice meats quickly and consistently without taking up valuable counter space. Upgrade your kitchen with our meat slicers and experience the difference that quality equipment can make in your operation. Shop now and streamline your slicing process for perfectly sliced meats every time!

The professional deli slicer is a must-have workhouse machine needed to cut large volumes of cheese and even butter for a commercial kitchen. This slicer is explicitly constructed to fasten your sale or to serve uniform slices. With so many specifics and features to consider, this meat slicer yields greater dependability, easier maintenance, and quieter operation. The slicer's infinite thickness-control knob allows users to adjust slice thickness.

  • FED Meat slicer for nonfrozen meat HBS300C
    RRP: $2,308.90 inc GST $1,962.57 $1,784.15
  • FED HBS300 JACKS Professional Deli Slicer
    RRP: $1,353.00 inc GST $1,150.05 $1,045.50
  • FED HBS250 JACKS Professional Deli Slicer
    RRP: $891.00 inc GST $757.35 $688.50
  • FED Automatic Deli Slicer AMS320BAutomatic
    RRP: $4,398.90 inc GST $3,739.07 $3,399.15
  • Yasaki Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Electric Kebab Knife KS80AS
    RRP: $878.90 inc GST $747.07 $679.15

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