Shelf Accessories for hospitality, commercial kitchen and catering

Shelf Accessories

Shelf accessories always remain in demand because of the need for durability and reliability. If your food equipment demand for any shelf accessory, browse these items and grab the ones that matche your requirements.

Enhance the functionality and versatility of your shelving units with our range of shelf accessories, designed to optimize storage space and organize your inventory more effectively. Whether you need additional dividers, label holders, or bin boxes, our shelf accessories offer the customization and flexibility to meet your specific storage needs and preferences.

Crafted from durable materials such as stainless steel and plastic, our shelf accessories are built to withstand the demands of daily use in commercial kitchens while providing reliable performance and durability. With a variety of options available, you can customize your shelving units to suit your inventory and workflow requirements, ensuring that your storage space is organized and efficient.

Upgrade your shelving units with our shelf accessories and create a more functional and organized storage environment for your commercial kitchen or food service operation. Shop now and discover the perfect accessories to enhance your shelving units!

  • FED WSP008 Post Clamp
    RRP: $4.40 inc GST $3.74 $3.40
  • FED POSTCAP Post cap
    RRP: $1.10 inc GST $0.94 $0.85
  • MODULAR SYSTEMS PCC Corner Connectors
    RRP: $14.30 inc GST $12.16 $11.05
  • MODULAR SYSTEMS NCLIP shelf joiner
    RRP: $4.40 inc GST $3.74 $3.40
  • FED LOCKINGCLIP Shelf Locking clip
    RRP: $1.10 inc GST $0.94 $0.85
  • Electmax Net Shelf DH115F1
    RRP: $46.20 inc GST $39.27 $35.70
  • FED CASTORWITHOUTBRAKE Castor without brake
    RRP: $47.30 inc GST $40.21 $36.55
  • FED CASTORWITHBRAKE Castor with brake
    RRP: $71.50 inc GST $60.78 $55.25
  • FED Castor Set for Economic Stainless Steel Benches
    RRP: $97.90 inc GST $83.22 $75.65
  • FED BPOST910MM Four Post Set
    RRP: $59.40 inc GST $50.49 $45.90
  • FED BPOST2184MM Four Post Set
    RRP: $91.30 inc GST $77.61 $70.55
  • FED BPOST1880MM Four Post Set
    RRP: $79.20 inc GST $67.32 $61.20

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