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Cooktops and Ranges

Discover the perfect cooking solution for your kitchen with our range of cooktops and ranges. From sleek electric cooktops to powerful gas ranges, we have options to suit every cooking style and preference.

Constructed from durable materials such as stainless steel and tempered glass, our cooktops and ranges are built to withstand the rigors of daily use while providing reliable performance day after day. Whether you're cooking on a countertop or freestanding model, our cooktops and ranges offer even heat distribution and precise temperature control for exceptional results every time.

Featuring a variety of burner configurations and cooking surfaces, our cooktops and ranges are designed for maximum versatility and efficiency. Whether you're simmering soups, boiling pasta, or sautéing vegetables, our cooktops and ranges make it easy to achieve delicious results with minimal effort.

Upgrade your kitchen with our cooktops and ranges and experience the difference that quality cooking equipment can make in your culinary creations. Shop now and start cooking with confidence!

Check out the Gasmax burner range with oven flame failure is an excellent choice for those business locations that produce small to medium volumes of roasted and baked food items. This gasmax burner can be placed in a limited available space. Its four lift-off open burners are embedded with heavy-duty, cast-iron grates that give a high heating temperature and maintain a better than stainless steel alternatives. Its combat design helps employees use minimal space; it can hold a standard full-sized sheet pan for large-batch food preparation. Don't worry about cleaning and sanitizing this item; the split iron grates and stainless steel oven doors are removable for unrestricted operator access.

  • Fagor 700 series 4 burner SS boiling top CG740H
    RRP: $4,510.00 inc GST $3,382.50 $3,075.00
  • Fagor Fagor Plastic lid for TDP34
    RRP: $196.90 inc GST $167.37 $152.15
  • Gasmax SGRDE Handy Addon for Cooktops
    RRP: $506.00 inc GST $430.10 $391.00
  • Fagor Kore 900 Series LPG Tilting Bratt Pans SBG910ILPG
    RRP: $22,759.00 inc GST $17,069.25 $15,517.50
  • Fagor Fagor 900 series NG 80 litre crank tilting bratt pan SBG910I
    RRP: $19,523.90 inc GST $14,642.93 $13,311.75
  • Fagor Electric Tilting Bratt Pans SBE910I
    RRP: $19,028.90 inc GST $14,271.68 $12,974.25
  • Gasmax Gasmax 6 LPG Gas Burner with Oven Flame Failure S36TPLPG
    RRP: $5,445.00 inc GST $4,628.25 $4,207.50
  • Gasmax S36T Gasmax 6 Burner with Oven Flame Failure
    RRP: $5,445.00 inc GST $4,628.25 $4,207.50
  • Gasmax S24TPLPG Gasmax 4 LPG Gas Burners with Oven Flame Failure
    RRP: $4,389.00 inc GST $3,730.65 $3,391.50
  • Gasmax S24T Gasmax 4 Burner With Oven Flame Failure
    RRP: $4,389.00 inc GST $3,730.65 $3,391.50
  • RGT16SE Stand
    RRP: $429.00 inc GST $364.65 $331.50
  • Gasmax RB1E GASMAX Dual Ring Burner Single Hob with Flame Failure
    RRP: $1,593.90 inc GST $1,083.85 $985.32