Underbench Dishwasher for hospitality, commercial kitchen and catering

Underbench Dishwasher

Maximize your kitchen space and streamline your dishwashing process with our underbench dishwasher, designed to fit seamlessly into your existing kitchen setup. Our dishwasher features powerful jets and high-temperature wash cycles that remove grease, grime, and food residue, ensuring your dishes are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with every cycle.

Crafted from durable materials and featuring a compact and space-saving design, our underbench dishwasher is easy to install and operate, making it the perfect solution for kitchens with limited space. With customizable wash cycles and energy-efficient operation, our dishwasher is ideal for establishments looking to improve efficiency and hygiene in their dishwashing process.

Upgrade your kitchen with our underbench dishwasher and experience the convenience and reliability of commercial-grade dishwashing technology. Shop now and discover the perfect solution for your dishwashing needs!

  • Sammic Underbench Dishwasher Dishwashing UX50SBC DD UNDERCOUNTER DISHWASHER with drain pump and detergentrinse aid dosing equipment Multiphase unit 15A standard 3phase on request
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  • Axwood Axwood Underbench Dishwasher UCD400D
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